Cardboard boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, shelves and lockers are available at Panila.

Cardboard box 103L (58 x 38 x 47cm) 2.90€
Cardboard box  80L reinforced (50 x 40 x 40cm) 2.90€
Packaging tape 1.60€
Bubble wrap (0,5 x 10m) 5.80€
Shelf medium (H210 x D40 x L100cm) 10€/month
Shelf large (H210 x D40 x L200cm) 20€/month
Locker 15€ or rent 5€/month

Van trailer rental – free for customers for the first 6 hours

The Panila trailer is suitable for driving with B-category driving licenses.

1-3 hours 10€
3-6 hours 18€
6-24 hours 20€

Internal dimensions of the box: 3,5 x 1,47m
Box height: 1,5m
Registration weight: 750kg
Load capacity: 335kg

Prices includes VAT

Moving service

Move on OÜ
E-mail: info@moveon.ee
Mob.no.: +372 5669 6360


Transport by van

E-Mail: info@vpv.ee
Mob.no.: +372 524 4278