Panila self-storage

Who does Panila’s self-storage suit?

The rental of Panila small warehouses in Tallinn offers you over 500 different self-storage units and is equally suitable for both individuals and businesses. So, everyone can find a suitable warehouse. All our storage rooms in Tallinn are heated and well-secured.

Self-storage for private person

A mini warehouse for a private person is the best option when you’re about to move or renovate your home. Also, if you want your home to be spacious and therefore don’t want to store seasonal products (Christmas decorations, garden furniture, bicycles, etc.) in your home. Even if you’re expecting to have a new-born in your family, for example, but would like to store a toddler’s belongings elsewhere in the meantime. In other words, there are unlimited uses and, of course, the list is not exhaustive!

Self-storage for a company

Small-size warehouses are cost-effective warehouses for the company, which are often used by e-commerce companies. In this way, it is not necessary for the company itself to acquire premises that would generate quite significant fixed costs. Especially if your stock remains are seasonal.

NB! Did you know that new customers can use a trailer for moving for 6 h completely free of charge? Book your trailer today!

Where are the self-storages located in Tallinn?

Small-size warehouses of Panila in Tallinn are in three locations which have great accessibility – Kristiine self-storage, Õismäe Panila self-storage and Järve self-storages.

How can I book a self-storage in Panila?

You can book our storage rooms very conveniently both online and by phone.

Self-storage booking on the internet

  1. Select the size of the self-storage you want. NB! If necessary, you can also change the size of the booked storage space later. So don’t worry if you have too much room or not enough room compared to your previously chosen/booked space.
  2. A self-storage rental booking has been confirmed for you as soon as you have paid a deposit. It is equivalent to one month’s rent. But don’t worry, in the absence of extra costs, the deposit will be returned in full!
  3. As soon as you have booked a self-storage online, we will contact you as soon as possible and let you know when you can start storing your belongings.

Booking a self-storage by phone

Explore rooms before the rental of storage space

If you want to first check out what options we offer and how large our storage rooms are, you can also check out Panila’s warehouses on-site before booking. Before you get there, make sure you call us in advance to make an appointment!

Find out about our options now by calling +372 53033323 or filling out a contact form!

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1. Select a location or specify a space size:

Unit size
If necessary, you can also change the size of the booked self-storage later (if suitable rooms are available).

Contract type
TERMLESS CONTRACT - If you do not know exactly how long you will need a self-storage, it is worth entering into an termless contract. The contract can be terminated by notifying us of your wish 1 month in advance. FIXED TERM CONTRACT - If you need space for a longer period (starting from 1 year), we recommend entering into a fixed-term contract. A fixed-term contract shall expire upon the expiry of the term of the contract.

Järve Panila storages

Pärnu mnt 139e/3

panila väikelaod

Kristiine Panila storages

Mureli 3a

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Õismäe Panila storages

Ehitajate tee 114a

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