Storerooms  1,5 – 4m² 39.60 – 98€/Month
 Storerooms  5 – 7,5 m² 104,72- 148€/Month
 Storerooms 10 – 20,5m² 157,52-299€/Month
 Padlock 15€
 Padlock rent 1 month 5€
 Trailer rent Internal dimensions (m) 3.5 x 1.47
Internal height(m) 1.5
Gross weight 750kg
Payload 335kg
Brakes –
First 6h free when renting storeroom!
1-3h 10 eur
3-6h 18 eur
6-24h 20 eur
* Prices include VAT
 Shelf H200 x D40 x L100cm eco

H210 x D40 x L100cm

H210 x D40 x L200cm


Rent 7€/Month

Rent 13€/Month

 Cardboard box 103L 58 x 38 x 47cm

80L reinforced 50 x 40 x 40cm



 Packaging tape 1,6€
 Bubble wrap 0,5 x 10m 5,8€


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