Storage room – what to do if you don’t have enough space?

If you are a homeowner, you know that one of the most important factors to consider when buying or building a home is the amount of space available. However, if you’ve been living there for a few years, it can seem impossible to organise your home in such a way that you’ll still have plenty of free space. Increasingly, it seems impossible to store things without stuff falling over or looking cluttered.

From essentials (e.g. garden furniture, bicycles, sledges, etc.) to decorative items (e.g. Christmas decorations), everything takes up all the free space. Not to mention wardrobes that are so full you can’t even close the door.

So it’s an ever-increasing challenge how to keep spaces tidy without losing their functionality. A classic example is the garage, which was originally intended for a car but is now filled from floor to ceiling with storage boxes. Does a familiar image spring to mind?

Storage room rental in Tallinn

But what if you’ve reached your storage limit and need a solution to your space shortage without moving?

One option, of course, is to give away or sell off things that are sitting unused. It’s certainly a viable option, as recycling is very fashionable these days and you can get both more space and more money at the same time.

But if you can’t get rid of everything right away, it’s a good idea to rent a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is also a good idea if you’re emotionally attached to an item but don’t need it within reach at the moment. Renting a storage unit is the best solution, because everyone can find a storage unit of the right size!

Storage room for a company

It is often a good idea to rent a storage space for a business. Businesses need a lot of space to store products and consumer goods. For a new business, you think about your current storage needs. However, as you expand and grow, you need more space for your staff, products and other business needs.

Clutter and disorder is not a healthy working environment for anyone, and even reduces efficiency as you search for what you need in a pile of things. That’s why many businesses have rented storage space from us to keep their offices tidy and their belongings safe.

Panila’s storage facility is also great for a company because, by storing things in this convenient way, you know that you have access to them around the clock if needed. If your company is located in Tallinn or Harju County, renting Panila storage units can be the solution for storing your company’s excess belongings.
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